Coach Samuel Henderson
Owner, CFL2 Certified Trainer

I started CF Ana because I think the difficult scenarios are fixable.  My busted back and depressed brain is what brought me to CrossFit.  Broken bodies and minds can be mended with the right prescription. I enjoy Olympic lifting and figuring out how to fix your sh*t.

Coach Jamie
NTP Certified Nutrition Coach

Pushing almost 90lbs overweight I realized I didn’t want to be another statistic and decided to take back my own health and try to become the best me for my present and future self. This led me to want to empower others to do the same. Helping individuals navigate through the noise of diet culture through educating on real food with a balanced perspective that is based on bio individuality because there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. It’s about creating sustainable habits that fit your unique self. Beers, beets, balanced lifestyle.

Coach Tamara
CFL1 Certified Trainer

I found my love for CrossFit over half a decade ago, and that’s when my passion for health began. Through years of training and studying, I bring enthusiasm and knowledge to each day hoping to inspire every member to push through their own barriers and to be the best version of themselves.

Coach Nico
CFL1 Certified Trainer

I discovered CrossFit in a very unlikely place overseas in 2014. Since then, my passion for fitness has only grown. I am a firm believer in therapy through fitness to aid with the struggles of mental health. I hope to inspire and educate those around me to grow, not only inside the the gym, but outside as well.

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